Wednesday, June 2

Smell This

I follow a blog entitled 'Rurally Screwed' (very entertaining and informative) and the other day I read a post about pear cider. Here is part of the post:

"The other night Jake was bottling hard pear cider in the designated brew room and I heard him exclaim, “Blugh! This cider tastes like crap.”

I went over to check out what he was doing. He looked at me with a tortured expression and thrust a bottle in my face. “Here, drink this.”

As soon as I read that I thought "Why do guys always do that?" Roy is totally guilty of this in that he is constantly saying things like "Oh, that’s gross, here, smell this" and "this is terrible, here, taste this."

Why in hell would I want to smell or taste something that was proceeded by the words gross or terrible!!!??!!?? Like I am actually going to taste or smell said object after that. And the worst part is, he is shocked when I don't want to!

I have determined that this is a guy thing and that in a strange, cave-man way, they are doing something that every guy must have embedded in their DNA.

To prove this point, I did a small search online about "smells" and i found this article on Internet Odor. Apparently someone, most probably a guy, decided that it would be good if you could smell things while surfing around online. My favorite quote from the article has to be "A small amount of the aroma is emitted by the device in the direct vicinity of the user."

Only a guy would put the words 'aroma', 'emitted', 'device' and 'vicinity' in the same sentence.

And did I mention that the huge banner ad on that page was for a John Deere Tractor? It’s 'Deere Season', apparently.

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  1. Yep my husband does that to me too. Is this bad? You taste it... Course he cant smell bad but why he cant see the mold is beyond ;)