Tuesday, May 25

My Favorite Iris

I absolutely love this cornflower blue iris. I have so many varieties, since they are my second favorite flower, but this blue beauty is my favorite. All shades of purple are here as well as white, light yellow and a yellow and purple mix. Ihad a beautiful yellow and brown combo but it has failed to come up this year as well as last year so i think it is lost. I am going to raid Mom's garden, and Grandma's if i have to, for a new bulb division since this yellow and brown one originally came from my Great Grandmothers garden.


  1. MizMelody2001@yahoo.comMay 31, 2015 at 11:49 PM

    Could I talk you into sharing one of these beautiful rhizomes with me? It is by far one of the most beautiful blues I have ever seen....