Thursday, May 20

Mulch, My One True Love

Beautiful Mulch.....
Your perfection astounds me every season.....

Saturday was an outside day. One of those days where you have a list of things to get done, you have the supplies to do the projects, the baby is being watched, and the weather is cooperating.

Saturday, I was glad, once again, that I am an 'outdoor girl'.

My truckload of mulch was delivered bright and early. Let me tell you, there is no better a tease to the senses than a big pile of rich, dark brown mulch in a big pile in the driveway. It smelled wonderful. It looked wonderful. And it was all mine.

Seven hours later, I had 90% of the gardens weeded. I had 90% of the gardens mulched. And 90% of my body was sore, bruised, scratched and absolutely exhausted. Add in a few additional yard chores, chicken chores, and a few veggie garden chores and you have a full day of outdoor bliss.

I have a lot of gardens. I love flowers, especially roses, and I am constantly expanding and adding, with the exception of the shade garden which I shrunk this year. It is a ton of work but I actually enjoy it. When all the roses in the long row in front of the barn are blooming at the same time, the smell is heavenly. I can stand out there and breath in the buffet. Rich or fruity or delicate or perfume-like, or sometimes even a little spicy. I love them all.

The lilacs hit their peak last week and are now starting to fade and turn brownish. I still have a nice little light pink one in the side yard that is hanging on for which I am grateful. A few tulips have carried on to mingle with the iris that are starting to explode onto the scene. The roses will be blooming shortly - usually around the first week of June. I will have lots of lilies this year, the dark purple columbine are out and the hostas, after a couple seasons of poor performance, have turned themselves around it seems. Huge, thick plumes of leaves falling over each other.

The remaining 10% of weeding and mulching will be done shortly and the best part is - I will still have some mulch left over. When does that EVER happen!!??!!!?

What to do with it? Maybe I will fill a mason jar with some, seal it tight and put it away so next January when I am about to have a meltdown, I can pop the top and bask in the aroma and the promise of warmer days to come.


  1. Ha! I just have to say the title of this post cracked me up. thanks for the smile.
    -- From a fellow lite homesteader and friend of mulch

  2. We planted a tomato seed and place it on the nightstand two days before Christmas! I totally understand the jar thing! Hahahaha!