Thursday, May 13

Monster Eggs

I think that my 6 older ladies might be super chickens.

Not that they do anything extraordinary, unless pecking at the ground, pooping in the nest boxes and doing little dances that destroy my grass is considered gifted. They do, however, seem to be laying monster eggs.

So big that they do not fit into the cardboard cartons we picked up at Tractor Supply along with our oyster shells and pine shavings.

I am having mixed feeling about this. We are getting these huge eggs that my husband says taste pretty darn good. I find myself checking for eggs up to 5 times day, hoping that I will find at least one more sitting majestically on the pile of smushed down straw. Maybe it will still be warm! I bring it into the house, look it over, note the differences between it and the other eggs - shell color, shape, weight - and add it to my little collection in the fridge. Only problem is I cannot close the top of the carton due to the monster eggs. And have already made my first egg sale - 1 dozen. And another dozen will be heading out the door tomorrow.

Here is the other side. I'll just say it - does this hurt the chicken? Not getting into specifics here which you can probably imagine, but, well, do monster eggs hurt the chicken?!?!

They are a skittish group of ladies, all six of them. They do not like to be handled, probably since they have never been picked up and swooned over like a super villain and a white, long haired cat. But today I was able to lure one to me and pick her up, carefully, and pet her for lack of a better word. (Do you "pet" a chicken like a cat?). She didn't seem to mind a good behind the ears scratch and I put her down within a minute so she would not get freaked out. They are my newest babies, quickly becoming part of the family, and I care about their well being.

Am I being crazy? Any experts out there? The whole mystical egg production thing is a quandary causing situation.


  1. You think it would hurt wouldnt you? But just think if it didnt come out. That would hurt even worse...

    I pet my chickens too!

  2. I carry my ladies all the time. I posted a video on my blog awhile ago entitled "How to Hypnotize a Chicken" give it a look-see them amaze your family and friends....hahahaha. Really I did!