Thursday, May 6

Garden and Yard Report

Boring title, I know, but that’s what this post is about. All the totally fantastic things that are going on now make this a great time of year. No humid 100 degrees and no 7 degree ice and snow. All the plants are shooting up faster than I can take pictures of them.

Yesterday, Wednesday, was a fabulous day, whether-wise. 80 degrees and sunny. It was a 'have all the windows open to air out the stale air' type of day. I managed to do some yard clean up and a little weeding during baby naps and I actually took the morning nap with him yesterday. I usually cherish these nap times, the morning nap being the longest of the day, and try to squeeze in as many little projects as I can during that time. But I gave in and napped. I was THAT tired.

The weather changed last night around dinner time and we had massive winds, thunder, lightning and heavy rains. Unfortunately, this took care of the last hangers-on blooms of the magnolia tree and my tulips are pretty much petal-less now. They were just about spent regardless and the other flowers are starting to bloom. The purple columbine is opening up and I still have a wayward daffodil. I can see where the roses are going to be spectacular this year and the peonies are looking good too.

The barn swallows are back in force, building their nests in the barn and pooping all over my car. They love when I mow the lawn and swoop down in front and to the side of the mower catching bugs evacuating the path of the mower blades. They are so pretty with their shiny blue and light brown and they provide much entertainment. We also have a cardinal nest in one of the rose bushes which is a first for me. I have never seen cardinal babies before so I am looking forward to them. I have held off on trimming that rose bush to give them as much privacy as possible, hoping that they will stay.

The chipper that Roy bought from craigslist works well but it has fallen a little short of my expectations. I was picturing making my own mulch for the gardens and being able to make a drastic dent in the pile of branches and brush we have here on the property. Unfortunately, we purchased a picky chipper who I have named Sally. She is one specific chipper. She only likes branches that are a certain size. Too big and she jams. Too small and it doesn’t trigger the blades to spin. And she stalls. Alot. She works if you are picky about the branches you put in but the mulch that comes out is not what I expected. The chunks are larger - more like chips. So Sally will be used, gratefully, to clean up the brush pile but not to mulch my roses.

One final note - lilacs! They smell wonderful!! I have a huge purple one right outside the back kitchen window and when the window is open and the breeze is blowing you do not need air freshener in this house!

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