Tuesday, May 11

Crime and Punishment

This is Prince.

Prince is an indoor cat.

Prince is in his pen.

He gets fresh air and a change of scenery this way.

He likes his pen.

He is not being punished.

I write this because someone saw him in his pen on our last sunny day and asked if he was being punished. No, he was not. He was enjoying fresh air and being as close to the great outdoors as he can be.

I have had him for about 11 years and he has always been an indoor cat since we used to live in a congested area with heavy traffic. He is also a Maine Coon which means that his fur would be totally destroyed if were allowed to roam through the underbrush.

We have moved to a more agricultural location - we have a quiet road and 2 acres. But he is still not allowed to roam free, just like my other two cats. Since they have never been out and about on their own, they do not know to run from cars. And we have predators here like coyotes, hawks and Jeep Cherokees.

I am sure that other people have heard of cat pens and use them. One of these people is my Grandmother, which is where I first became a cat pen convert. She has had many cats and has sadly lost some to cars. They live in a very rural area which includes among its residents, bears, dogs, and some breed of large wild cat. She was able to get a hold of a large mink pen complete with a little shelter house built on the end. She cleaned it thoroughly, repaired pieces and added a nice wooden floor. She gave me this cat pen (pictured above) when we moved to our new home and it has been perfect for my babies.

But we do get some looks are questions. Mostly from the UPS, Fedex and/or various delivery people. Some from people who come over that have not been here before, my husband’s work acquaintances, etc. The most frequent questions are "What is that pen for?", "Do you have bunnies?", or if one of the cats is in the pen at the time, "Is that cat being punished?".

Punished? The pen is like a little kitty resort! Food, water, shade, sunlight, fresh air, cat grass, spider plant, cushy sitting areas, a great view of the bird feeder and an enclosed little hutch for naps. I wish I could spend an hour in there!


  1. I've just got to say that photo completely cracked me up!

  2. My cats would love this! I have often wanted to get a stroller for the one older cat (he's 20) so he could get some air but this would be great for him and the others. You have one lucky cat!