Friday, April 16

When It Rains.....

Apparently, when it rains it pours. Isn't that how the saying goes? Ironically enough it was raining here today and the weekend forecast says we in for more. Good for the flowers and the yard which is why I said "when it rains...". The gardens are literally pouring forth a river of blooms right now.

It seems like everything woke up all at once and it is a race. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, magnolia, forsythia, even dandelions - all flowering. And the other guys are not far behind - everything is showing signs of growth and new sprouts. I have a feeling it is going to be a very good year for the roses.

The magnolia tree has exploded into bloom almost overnight, as it does every year. But every year I am amazed by it none the less. It is absolutely beautiful (more pictures to come) and I cannot help but stare at it. People slow down when they pass our house to look at it. OK, can I be proud of a very old magnolia tree? Yes I can!

Today before the rain I managed to get the second coat of outdoor paint on the cold frames so they should be ready to go out into the yard tomorrow evening. I have some great old porch windows that we found in the barn for the tops and I cannot wait to get my seeding out and breathing fresh spring air. I also spent the better part of the morning nap cutting wood. The "morning nap time" is my golden hour, or two. It i when Connor is sleeping soundly and I can do something. I love this time. i managed, with my hand saw, to get a large portion of the fallen trees cut up and out of the yard. It would have been easier if I had used the chainsaw, but besides the noise putting a quick end to my golden hour, I refuse to use the thing. I know I will cut off an arm at the very least.

This weekend I am hoping for good enough weather to Roy out with the above mentioned chainsaw so take care of what I couldn't and to finally get the yard cleaned up.

The girls are happy in their basement home for now, lounging the days away under the heat lamp and snacking on whatever that grain stuff is that they eat. They make a total mess of the water feeder so i have to constantly scoop out the pine shavings so I am sure they have access to plenty of clean water. I cannot tell them apart yet, save one who has some brown on her wings. She seems to be the dominant one. I have not named them yet because I do not know their personalities. Regardless, they will all be womanly names of respect and dignity - Matilda, Evelyn and Althea.

The only cat who has shown an interest in even seeing what is behind door #1 is Cheese. She is very curious about what the peeping is about but we have managed to keep her at bay and we will do so indefinitely. There will be no chicken diners here. She has such an innocent little cry (she never really learned how to meow like other cats) and it is very deceiving. Innocent? Yeah, right. I have seen that cat take on the dog who is about 80lbs and crabby on a good day. And she usually wins.

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