Tuesday, April 13

Peep, peep, peep.....

I have this nice inner glow about me today. It started yesterday when I was driving home in my little gray toyota with my husband riding shotgun, the baby in the back drinking from his sippy cup. Normally, this would not make me glow. Normally this would also include Connor having some sort of "let me out of this car seat" fit and Roy insisting that we stop somewhere for dunkin doughnuts coffee. But not this day....

Yesterday we also had 12 additional passengers.

All peeping.

We have chickens.

Our FIRST EVER chickens.

And I am glowing inside because I can honestly say that I am a true "lite" homesteader.

My definition of homesteading, or at least the type that we can do at this time, included three things: knitting, quiet and chickens.

Knitting = check! With the help of my Grandma and YouTube, I have taught myself how to knit. Nothing too fancy but I can do it. In every movie, every book, every episode of Little House, there was knitting. (OK not everyone, but you get where I am going). To me, it is the essential crafty homesteading skill.

Quiet = kind-of check! I am still working on this one to an extent but it is more of a state of mind. I want to be able to sit in my jammies at the kitchen table and browse through Urban Farm or a new book with the windows open and listen to the frogs and crickets singing. Add possible oil lamp light, a cat on my lap, and above all, QUIET. No one needing anything, no one crying, nothing urgent that needs to be done. Clean counters ready and set up for the coming morning rush. Laundry line dried and folded. Quiet and peace.

Chickens = Check!!!! 12 Golden Comet pullets, about 1 week old, from Tractor Supply in Ontario. The picture above is not mine, just an example. I have a red heat lamp on them instead of white because the lady at the store told me it would help them not peck at each other. So, the pictures I take look bad. And I do not want to freak them out by using the flash. This summer I will have a flock of chickens pecking around the yard, providing eggs and joy.

What a big responsibility. I am taking this very seriously. I made a point of transfering each one from the carry boxes to their new home, one at a time, picking them up and being concious of each one. each new life. I am constantly checking on them and keeping them safe from the cats and the dog and the baby. They have their own room, with a locked door and no disruptions except for me checking on them. I just trucked them in for the night with fresh water, food and a heartfelt "goodnight girls!"

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  1. We have 8 golden comets. They were just moved out to their own place a week ago. They are so pretty. They all looked pretty much the same when we got them but now that the feathers have come out there are definite differences in color and character too! Flash didnt bother mine in the least. Just watch out for the chicken eye...that's what we call the one eyed look they give you...lol.