Friday, April 23

One must have sunshine

“Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Hans Christian Andersen

I have to admit that I do not read much Hans Christian Anderson. In fact, I really cannot tell you off the top of my head the name of anything he has written. Please don't judge me, even though I was an English major. I was just surfing around the net today and I happened across this site with all sorts of neat quotes.

it is kind of appropriate since today is a wonderfully sunny day. A little chilly with the wind but the sun is shining brightly and our solar panels are producing. So far today we have made 12.8 kilowatt hours of our own electricity. OUR OWN ELECTRICITY!

Well Hans, it that not just the definition of freedom?

And anyone who reads this knows that the yard is already full of flowers so it seems that I have the market cornered on living.

I cannot put into words how wonderful it feels to know that we are producing electricity. It is a tangible, visible, real thing that we are doing to advance our goal of self sufficiency.

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