Monday, April 26

Here a Chick, There a Chick....

Everywhere a little chick.

Only they are not so little anymore.

I simply cannot believe how big they have gotten in such a short time. Their feathers are coming in all shades of brown and yellow and white and their little baby fluff is fading away. Their beaks are much larger and more defined and their feet seem to be too large for their bodies (that’s pretty big). They are getting more aggressive and spend a great deal of time flinging pine shavings all over their metal tub. Mostly they end up in the water dispenser which i have to clean out and refill at least twice a day.

That is the first chicken question - what is up with the freakin' water dispenser? They fill it with shavings and poop in it. They also seem to think it is fun to perch on top of the long, low chick food trough and just let it all come out, so to speak.

I love sneaking in and watching them. They just go about their business of sitting, laying, eating and exploring. then they see me and they all get tense and scurry to the far end of the tub. I count them every time i check on them. 1,2,3,4....all the way to 12. Just to make sure.

Not that I think they will make a break for it or anything. I don’t even think they could get out of the tub yet. But I am still a little stressed about being responsible for 12 little lives and I want to do things right. Counting them just seems like the responsible thing to do.

They only thing I am worried about would be Cheese. She is determined to get into that room. I have to make double sure that she is not lurking around by the door, hiding behind the recycle bin, ready to make a dash when i crack the door to come out with hands full with the dirty shavings bucket.

"Come on Mom, I KNOW there is something in there! I can hear it! I can smell it! Why can't i go investigate? Don’t you love me?"

I have been told that they can go outside into their pen after Memorial Day.

That will be a whole new adventure.

I might have to set up a tent in the yard.


  1. We raised the waterer up off the floor so it wasnt getting so much of the shavings in it but as for pooping they do it anyway. Wait until they start sitting on top of the edge of the tub and pooping off the side. Ours are still a little bit afraid of my husband but I can pick a couple of them up and hold them. They looooooovvvvve clover. Green :)

  2. I have placed the circle top from one the the 5 gallon food storage buckets under the water feeder. This puts it up about 1 1/2 inches, they can still get to the water easily and it helps with the shavings.
    When they get out to the barn, they will having hanging feeders and water dispensers.
    Any tips when it is ok to put them out - size/age and weather??