Monday, April 12


It is hard to get things done when you have a baby.

There. I said it.

And I don't think it makes me horrible.

Because it is true.

I love him dearly, but I must say that the yard projects are piling up, literally, and my housekeeping standards have gone down a few notches. I no longer clean under anything. I can picture what is lurking under my couch and I do not want to venture there.

We did some yard work last week when the weather was really great and he did ok. He is learning how to walk so as I pulled the beginnings of weeds and repairs rock walls, he staggered around the area I was in like teh town drunk and tried to eat dead leaves. He got fairly dirty and had dirt under his fingernails and i will not lie and say that this bothered me. In fact, I was quite a bit proud. Thats my boy! Dirt under his nails from the garden!

But it is not all fun. There is a ton of cleanup to be done with will involve the chainsaw and chipper, neither of which are baby-proof. Their is fence reapir to be done, tilling, and fixing all the holes Snowy has managed to dig under the front porch. i think she is trying to tunnel under the foundation and don;t ask me why becaue i gave up trying to understand that dog a long time ago. In the words of Louise Rich, "all I can do is love her."

and then their are the cold frames, which Roy is trying to make in the picture above. I need these to harden off all the lovely things I have taking over the basement and my patience has been getting thin. So, this past weekend, we went out armed with saws and boards and a tape measure and tried to get things done.

Connor loved the tape measure and claimed it as his and it was not long before I was in the house entertaining the baby while Roy got to do the work.

I say "got" to do the work because I feel like I was missing out. i am so used to doing things, taking care of projects especially in the yard, or at least helping when it involves something I would probably kill myself with like the chainsaw. But I couldn't. I was stuck in the house playing with a ball and a stuffed duck. I felt useless and lazy and horrible.

I felt like Roy would thing it was "getting out of" doing work and that I was making him do everything while I lounged in the house.

And then the Gods shined their grace upon us, Connor got tired and took his nap and I could not get my much boots and gloves on fast enough. I made it out to the shed to help complete the frames and with all luck, I will get them painted tonight. I am using some old windows that I found in the barn for tops and I am very happy with how things are turning out.

It's a give and take here - trying to balance my old life with the new. Baby, homesteading projects, unemployment for me and a stressful job for Roy. However, I have the roof over my head that is finished and not leaking (which makes me even more glad we did not take the leap and buy the fixer-upper farm last week). And I have just about everything I could want so I think I can make it all work.

And, we won't starve. Connor can always eat leaves if I don't get the garden planted.


  1. It's so hard to work on anything with a child that age. At least when he was smaller you could put him in a carrier or stroller. I found that a small walking child was a huge impediment to getting anything accomplished.

    When mine did finally fall asleep I was pretty tired from chasing her around and still didn't get much done! She's 5 now so we're way past that. But I remember it well!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished picture of the cold frames. Yesterday my 16 year old was dumping flour on my floor... I swear it was yesterday!