Thursday, April 22


The garden is going crazy now with new things arriving every day. Unfortunately, this also means that weeds are going crazy too. Every year i tell myself that i am going to keep up with the weeding and every year I procrastinate and the lilies get overgrown with some sort of creeping mint thing that I didn't even plant. I enjoy looking out the windows and seeing color instead of snow and dead grass. The magnolia tree is my current obsession but it is already fading fast. Petals on the ground under the tree.... as sad sight.

I have moved most of the seedlings out to the cold frames to harden them off but I have kept the tomatoes and the peppers inside just in case. I am almost afraid to move them outside since I have had such a hard time getting any good plants from seed in the past. I have a whole bunch of milk jugs that i have been saving to make some primitive cloches to protect them once they go into the ground.

The girls are also growing - fast! I cannot believe how big they are getting. They are double the size they were when we got them and they are getting their brown feathers. They are making a great deal more noise now and they are jumping around (flying?). It is hard to keep up with them on the water dispenser - they manage to heap tons of pine shavings into it and make a really big deal when I clean it out. It is like they are yelling at me for wrecking their hard work. They also seem to have a fascination with climbing on and pooping in their food dispenser, which leads to a lot of wasted food since I am constantly cleaning it out.

With any luck, we will have the holes dug for the fence posts this weekend and we will be able to get the exterior chicken fencing up Saturday.

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