Saturday, April 3

Decisions, decisions.....

I hate change. Absolutely hate it. It scares me and I feel like I am giving up control over something. Change is horrible for me.

This one has to do with moving.

We have found an 1800's farmhouse, completely gutted and ready for rebuild. It is closer to Roy's work and we can afford it. 18 acres, barns, outbuildings and a beautiful view. Low taxes. Far from shopping.

Problem is, we already live in a beautiful 1916 farmhouse with a barn and an outbuilding and we totally love it here. 2 acres with the possibility of a small expansion, maybe. High taxes. Close to shopping.

Decisions, decisions......

It would be the perfect homestead. We could make it however we wanted - the house is literally gutted down to the studs. Just add plumbing, electric, insulation, drywall, and appliances. OK, that sounds like a lot right now as I type it even though it did not sound so bad when i was thinking about it earlier today.

The problem is, even though I hate change, I like a challenge. And this would be the mother of all challenges. Move into a house that is a complete shell with a dog, three cats, a 13 month old and a husband who works 10 hour days. I would literally be stuck in the sticks with nowhere to go and no electric, running water or possible not even windows.

If this were the little blurb on the back of a book in Barnes and Noble I would be buying it in a heartbeat. I love stories like this. About how people do crazy things like live in the Alaskan wilderness with nothing but a knife and a lean-to, or someone who leaves some great job somewhere to raise goats in Montana, or even just about someone who buys an old house and lives there and writes about how it sucks to have to pee outside. (that could be me, by the way). And I have read enough of these stories to know better.

This is a totally crazy idea. My grandparents did it. they moved in the early 80's, from the small town where they raised my mother in a nice modern house, to a farm house that was falling apart in Stuben County, on a dirt road without a Wegmans for about 40 miles. When my mother and friends were helping them move their things in, a friend looked around and then looked to my mother with wide eyes and said "are you OK with THIS!!??!!!). I guess she was, and my grandparents now live in that house, completely restored and beautiful.

They did it, why can't I do it? Well, Grandpa is a carpenter for one thing and he can make anything and literally did while they slowly remodeled the house. It took a long time.

Oh boy, what am I going to do.......
Such a temptation. So many things to consider.
And we have not even done a drive-by yet.


  1. You should definitely wait until you actually see the place inside and out. Remember it takes twice the time and effort to restore something if not more but it can be worth it especially if its lower taxes and less gas to drive to work. Take pics, would love to see the old place. I love old places!