Tuesday, April 20

Cold Frames

We built three cold frames to harden off plants and use as little greenhouses and it was actually fun and they turned out nice. That is rare here. Usually our projects are rushed and we use the materials we have on hand or that we can afford.

We lucked out here since we found the three windows, in great shape, hidden away in a dark, very dusty corner of the barn. Al little cleaning and they were ready to go. We built the frames to fit the windows (about 5 feet long by 2 feet wide) and attached hinges. I painted the frames before we attached anything with a nice outdoor paint to preserve the frames as long as possible. We had to go out and buy "new" boards for these so I know how much wood costs now and it stinks. So, I am trying to make these frames last.

I still have to put a coat of paint on the windows but we assembled the frames so we could get them out in the yard and I could get plants into them. The furnace room in the basement was getting kind of full, and the grow lights cost money to run all day.

The weather should cooperate, there was a hard frost last night but the rest of the week looks good. I had a private satisfaction moment when I ventured out to them as dusk was setting in and closed the lids and put the plants to bed. Kind of like tucking them in. Good night squash, goodnight pumpkins seedlings, sweet dreams little peas and corn. Yes, corn. I actually started corn inside. Chalk it up to a moment of spring fever and mass hysteria in the basement with the seed trays. It looks like of wilty and I will not do that again next year.

So, I am very happy with my new cold frames.

Score 1 win for the homesteaders.

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