Thursday, April 8

Book Report

The Daily Coyote
By: Shreve Stockton

This book made me "Happier than a coyote in a corn pile". Entertaining, funny, insightful, thought provoking, and inspiring. It was a fast read, which is good for me but it was not one of those 'fast reads' that you get through, like, but donate to the book sale. This one is a keeper and a great re-read.

Shreve (what a cool name) is everything I am not. She is adventurous, and a risk taker. She drives across the county on a vespa on her way back to her life in NYC, but while passing through Wyoming, she kind of likes it. After being back in NY, she decides that Wyoming is where she would like to call home (at least for a little while). She moves there to a rental house, sight unseen and things just start happening for her.

She doesn't know anybody and she does not have a job. These two things would send me running for the nearest train station to get a ticket home. But she handles it.

I don’t want to give away the book but she gets the chance to raise a baby coyote. That’s when it gets really interesting.

I love reading about the daily activities and how she handled Charlie as well as living in a very rustic cabin for a time.

She not only lets us in on her daily life with Charlie, the coyote, but she digs a little deeper. She does not get too liberal for me in her observations about life which was nice but it did give me things to think about in some places. She has a recurring situation throughout the book in dealing with Charlie’s pack mentality and she goes into detail on how she set about developing and maintaining a schedule for his care and well-being. He was never her "pet", which she makes clear. And she places great emphasis on her relationship with his and the responsibilities placed on her to provide and care for him.

She says "In a dogs mind, someone must be the boss or chaos is imminent." I think that it's the same way with people. That’s why I insist on being the boss around here! This entire homestead would be a big, smoldering pit if I wasn't at the helm. :)

Great book, great read!!!!

She has The Daily Coyote blog where you can see pictures of Charlie as well as Vespa Vagabond and Honey Rock Dawn, a blog about her life in general.

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  1. Thanks for the book report I may just have to pick that book up!