Tuesday, March 16

You Say Tomato.....

I started 'em early and here they are. And I am excited.

i am excited because, dare I say it, I might have a great tomato crop this year. No defeated trips to the garden center for tomato plants, no blank stares at the puny plants yielding no fruit, and the smell of ripe tomatoes that i can smell from the back door before I even get near the garden.

Since all my other attempts to grow the perfect tomato plant from seed have failed miserably in one form or another, I am asking for your help. How do I preserve these budding little plants and make sure that come planting time, they will be tall and robust and healthy, shining examples of the nightshade family.

I know that i should move each plant to its own small pot when it has two good sets of true leaves and that I should plant it deep - almost up to the bottom leaves (?). Do they need to be re-potted again before the move to the cold frames for hardening off? Any advice would be appreciated since I am more nervous with these guys than I was the first month I had the actual baby at home.

To produce a viable tomato plant from seed, by myself, organically, and have tomatoes that Roy will eat and make my garden look like a productive little system is kind of like my validation. It will say to me that I am gardener. That I am capable of growing food. I will be able to truly and confidently call myself a "lite" homesteader.

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