Thursday, March 25

You Don't See That Anymore

Didn't I already have a post with that title? Anyway, it's true. I was shocked and happy.

I got a set of three cast iron cooking pans the other day. My other pans were just not cutting the mustard and I had recently gotten rid of any that were flaking little chips of things into whatever I was cooking. So I decided to invest in some quality cast iron.

I had Roy order them for me and when they came, I looked at the box and I was instantly pleased.

Made in the USA.

Lifetime Guarantee.

Seriously, how often do you see that??? I'll bet I could get a tour of the factory and if, for some reason one of the pans ever broke, I could totally call them on that guarantee thing with no problems. Not that I could ever break one of these things. They weigh a ton and I don't think that I could ever break one, even if I had to use it for home defense. (it looks like I could do some damage with just the little one!)

I seasoned them all according to the directions and I used Mr. Medium Pan tonight to make chicken. Nothing fancy, just plain chicken. It didn't stick, it cooked fast and thoroughly and it was easy clean up.

I'm sold.

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