Monday, March 8

The TV Psychic Likes Me

I am operating on a high – a history filled, WWII, genealogy high.

The Pacific is starting this weekend (refer to previous post about non-interruption), and I am totally infatuated with this new show “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Is there some psychic in tv land that his read my mind and put on the magic tube just the things I want to see? If not, then someone up there really, really likes me this week.

This past episode was about Sarah Jessica Parker jetting around the country in search of gold digging (49-er’s, not desperate/enterprising women), wrongly accused witch ancestors. I loved it and I can’t wait for next week.

I liked how they made it accessible to everyone – even if you know nothing about genealogy, you can watch this show and totally get it and follow it. But I wish it was that easy – they “found” all the info in a hour, minus commercial time, which we all know is not possible but still really fun to watch regardless. Like on CSI when they find the murderer and solve the case of the dented mailbox or something all within 50 minutes time.

I was so inspired that I stayed up way too late on Ancestry digging around, looking for new leads on my oldest question - where did Timothy O’Brien come from? He is my Great, Great, Great Grandfather, b. 1838-ish, d. 1918. He was from somewhere in Ireland, most likey Tipperary. I have been trying to find a Parish or Townland or something that will lead me to exactly where he was from, but I have had no luck. I want to be able to visit his home town someday.

His son, John, my Great, Great Grandfather, married Delia. She was from a tiny town in North Tipperary County called Silvermines. We went there on our last trip to Europe and I saw the grave markers of relatives and visited the town the she lived in before her Irish Wake. It was an incredible and wonderful experience that I will never forget and I want to be able to visit Timothy’s home as well.

In my effort to live more sustainably and self sufficiently, I have tried to, among many things, limit the amount of time I spend watching television. I like watching but I also think it can be a time waster and that I can be doing other things that will be more rewarding. Celebrity Apprentice is out, along with Fraiser re-runs and the Autrailian version of The Biggest Loser. However, this show is a keeper for me because not only is it interesting, it gets me thinking and doing. I have not seriously worked on my genealogy – something that I love – since the baby came. Mostly due to time and that babies do not like to sit in carriers in the library looking at microfilm. (I think it makes them dizzy. I know that’s what it does to me if I scroll too fast). But after watching, I could not help myself.

I know it sounds all sentimental but I really think that if I am going to spend an hour watching something or doing something, it is going to have to provide me with more than just blank staring and lounging on the couch. This show made me think and make time to get back into something that I love and miss.


  1. I was wondering if that show was any good. I'll have to tune in next time!

  2. I just watched this on the internet. It was really good. I am going to try to catch the next episode on Friday but if anyone misses the episodes just watch them on the internet.

    I also became interested in my family tree when I was a teenager. I just wish I would have been more gung ho about talking to the older relatives and finding out more about them.