Sunday, March 7

Tom Hanks, Upgrades and the Devil

After weeks of procrastination, I finally bit the bullet this past Saturday and disconnected and packed up the cable boxes. They were both in need of an upgrade, as well as the remotes, which were in a state of total decomp. The buttons were almost unreadable and the battery cover was being held on with duct tape.

Thanks to the folks at Time Warner Cable, we qualified for free box upgrades, complete with new remotes. But to get them, we had to take the old boxes to the Time Warner place on South Ave. I had not been there in a long time and I really do not like going to what I consider to be "the city." But I really wanted to upgrade so to the city I went and upgrade I did and it was not as horrible of an experience as I thought it was going to be.

There was also a hidden agenda in this for me - I ordered HBO. I know, it is the devil. But I HAD to. The wonderful Mr. Tom Hanks and Co. has made another absolutely fantastic World War II series. If Band of Brothers could actually be surpassed, which I don't think it can be, The Pacific could be the second-best WWII documentary ever. I can not wait for March 14th, 9pm, HBO. No one call my house at that time. Do not email me, do not text me, do not ring my doorbell. I will be in front of the tv with provisions of Diet Pepsi and Baked Lays and the baby will be in bed and the husband will be sworn to silence.

A WWII fanatic like myself simply can not miss this event.

However, this is a downfall to this. HBO is the devil. It is a time sucking, enticing little devil that will waste your whole day if you are not careful. It lures you in with new movies and risky, gritty shows that the "in" people watch. I have to admit that when I got home with the new boxes, the tv was on for the rest of the afternoon and Roy and I were glued to the tube. Connor was napping for most of this time, and when he was awake, we did turn it off since we really don't want him to have his parents television addiction.

So, we have a compromise. HBO will be here, quietly calling to us to watch it more than we should, through the end of May. By then The Pacific will be over (sigh), and HBO will go away, canceled, and we will revert to "standard" cable.

In order to prepare myself for this, I have found a rather interesting Civil War documentary on PBS to watch that reminds me there are suitable shows to watch in a world without HBO. I begin my countdown to Saturday - a big day - the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Rochester (yes, I will go into the ACTUAL big city for this) and The Pacific.

My favorite holiday (even though I am the only Irish person I know that does not drink a drop of alcohol) and The Pacific. Can Saturday get any better?

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