Monday, March 15

Steps and Choices

The state of my meat eating has been weighing on my mind lately. There was a time when I thought nothing of heading to the local KFC for a heavenly twister wrap – the dressing alone was worth the trip. I would buy the inexpensive chicken breast, turkey dogs and prepackaged lunch meat for Roy’s sandwiches.

Thinking back on it, the chicken was fatty and the lunch meat was kind of slimy. And don’t get me started on the hotdogs. What I know now…… the first step towards being better.

I have always known about factory farms and where meat comes from but I slowly tried to forget as I made the purchases – trying to save money and all.

Money is still very much a concern but I have learned quite a few things. I have been reading a ton lately, mostly about homesteading skills and being more self sufficient, but also about my food and where it comes from.

I rented Food, Inc. and thought it was going to be a shot after shot of factory farms. Something I knew I couldn’t stand, but I also knew that I had to do something to give myself a kick in the butt to get going on a new path. This could be just the thing to make me put down the discount chicken once and for all.

It was and it wasn’t. What it wasn’t was exactly what I thought it was going to be – a horrible slideshow of poor animals – something I would have to shield my eyes from. I was grateful for that. What is was, however, was a wonderful film that gave my just the kick I was looking for. I got all sorts of information about how to do things the right way. Another step towards making better choices.

The next time I went to the grocery store, I looked. I looked at the chicken I usually buy. Very nicely trimmed and packaged in styrofoam under plastic wrap. It cost $4.98 and it would feed Roy and myself for about 3 meals. Pretty good deal. Then I looked at the much smaller organic meats section. Smaller section, higher prices. Over double the other chicken. But I knew why and I chose the organic. I paid more but I can go without the extra 6-pack of Diet Pepsi if it means that I can actually stomach my chicken pot pie. (Diet Pepsi is my vice, I know, it’s not great for you…)

The more I learn, the harder it is but the better I feel about our choices.

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