Friday, March 19


The weather around here has been absolutely wonderful for the past week and I have spent every available minute outside doing something. Anything. I don't care if I am just standing in the yard with the baby just standing there.

Wednesday I did a yard inventory and there is a lot to be done. Yard clean up, fence repair, finishing off the solar (mostly yard cleanup and filling in holes), and garden planning. We are putting in two new vegetables gardens this year - one for additional tomato and pumpkin space and the other for a small lot of wheat. Roy has invested in a wheat/flour grinder and wants to put it to the test. I have to admit that this sounds interesting, but, as with most of Roy's ideas, it means fun for him and more work for me.

I am also planning on some flower garden re-do's. My shade garden fence has sadly seen its last days. It came with the house and has been there for quite some time. I tried to save it but it is just beyond repair. So, I am taking this opportunity of removal to reduce the size of the shade garden. I have always had trouble with it - trying to find a variety of shade plans to grow there and the chipmunks have taken it upon themselves to snack on roots, killing many plants. So that it being shrunk to a more manageable size which I am very happy with.

Yesterday, we ventured outside, one of us in a stroller, and hacked the heck out of the lilac bush. We have a huge lilac bush that grows right by the driveway and it has been in desperate need of a good trimming and thinning. I know, I know, you should wait until a specific time to trim and I am sure that I took off things that should have been left and left some that should have been taken. But it is my lilac bush and I am tired of getting hit with branches. I don't think there is a lilac jail and no one is going to come and take me away.

Regardless, Connor tried to help hide the evidence by eating it.

I also have the tell tale signs of spring in the yard:

These guys mean business and they say SPRING to me every year and I know that garden tilling is just around the corner. Excited does not even begin to describe my mood this week.

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