Wednesday, March 3

Snow and Sprouts

We are still cleaning up after the snowstorm came through. Luckily, we did not lose power but we had a lot of tree damage and it took awhile to dig out. We got a little over two feet here due to the lake effect but it has been a little warmer lately so it is all heavy and melting.

I am very much ready for spring. Winter has never been my friend. I hate the bulky, cumbersom things that it brings and the overheated stores and bad drivers. Yes, I do think that a snowfall is pretty, but only is I don;t have to go anywhere and I can enjoy it from the warmth of my livingroom.

My tomatoes have sprouted in the basement under the grow lights and the peppers are probably not far behind. I am trying to keep the lights as low as possible to avoid weak stems but they are streching for the light. The snapdragons are also sprouting but no sign of the bells of ireland yet. I will be starting the rest of my indoor seeds this coming weekend - my furnace room will be a little nursery and winter will be just a little bit farther away.

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