Wednesday, March 17

Smelling Like a Farmer

OK, before you go thinking , "Wow, she is stinky!", let me say that it is not what it sounds like.

Right around this time every year I start to get really, really anxious for spring. And with the warm weather we have been having lately, it is not hard to get into the spirit. I am done with winter - no more slush in my shoes and scraping ice off the windshield. I am done with that. What I am ready for is the smell of fresh tilled plots, daffodils poking through the leftover dead leaves, and that scent that is just in the air right now. Spring.

I want robins and tulips and garden plans.

As far as smelling like a farmer, I guess I should explain that. My Grandparents have a farm in Stuben County, NY and when we were kids, the had chickens and veggies and we would love to go to "the farm." They do not have chickens anymore and but they still grow food and relay on their wood burning stove for heat. But when we went there, there was a cool "farm" smell - kind of a combination of hard work, grass, spring, dirt road, solitaire and Hershey kisses for breakfast.

I know that farms really smell like cows and pigs and all things that come from both of 'em but to me, Grandma and Grandpa's place has that farm smell.

And today I had it. Here. At our just-starting-out homestead.

We went to Tractor Supply. If you want to feel like a farmer or a homesteader, go to tractor supply. If you really want to feel like a farmer, buy something. Anything. Even if you done need it, don't know what it is for, or don’t even know what it is. If you need help taking it to the car, that is even better.

Fortunately, we knew what we were buying. Happy St. Patrick's Day to me - Roy bought me a big black plastic turning compost bin. Thank you! And we go our first chicken supplies. Two feeders and two water dispensers.

When we got home and I took them out of the trunk, I got the farmer smell and it was fantastic.

I have a farm. I am going to have chickens - the essential farm animal. I am a "lite" homesteader. I can say it and really believe it. Not like I am saying it, trying to convince myself or others.

And, even better than knowing that I am going to actually have chickens in my yard, if is the fact that I know I am responsible enough to care for them.

Today it stunk to high hell around here and I loved every minute of it.

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