Tuesday, March 23

Oranges, Dehydration and the 4 Step Process

In keeping with one of my New Year's Resolutions, I have tried a new food.


Yes, I know, you are thinking "How can someone never have tried an orange?"

Well, I'm picky. And I am not a fan of citrus in general.

I drink orange juice, reluctantly, when I am sick.

But the other day, I tried two bites. It was ok. Not as slimy as I had imagined and not as "citrus-y" either. So, all in all, it was ok. If I was starving and only had an orange to eat, I would take it.

Why did I have an orange in the house if I don’t eat them, you ask? Well, it is because of Roy's new obsession. He bought a book entitled "How To Survive the End of the World as we Know It." And now, he is very concerned about the "golden horde" coming to pillage our small stock of emergency candles and heirloom seeds.

When Roy does something, he does it big. He gets obsessed. I do not know what has sparked this vast interest in surviving an apocalypse but it is homesteading at its finest so I will take it. Unfortunately, this means more work for me. All of Roy's ideas mean more work for me. No matter how you look at it, it is always the same 4 step process:

1. Roy has an idea
2. Roy buys things and plans things and starts things.
3. Roy gets bored and/or busy.
4. I get stuck doing the work, taking care of the unfinished things.

He does not even argue that this is not true.

I like that he is finally showing an interest in the more classic elements of homesteading - canning, "putting things up against winter", preparedness, gardening, and the like. He has always been very much into the tech part - solar panels, wind energy, geo-thermal - but now he is taking it to ordering survival water from Amazon. We now have in our supply cabinet, in addition to candles, oil lamps, and extra food and practical things, a supply of water in pouches, two respirators, and a food dehydrator.

And that is why I have an orange in the house. Roy has been dehydrating everything he can get his hands on since that thing came by UPS. We now have a supply of dried apples, dried oranges, and some not so great looking dried banana chips. He is going to make jerky next. He got a special gun for it. You shove a bunch of smushed up meat in it and use it like a cookie press. Only this shoots out a flat, thin strip of meat resembling something from the play dough fun factory.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for food preservation and i like that we are doing it. I would like to eat an actual apple rather than a dry one but when the chips are down, I'll eat a dried up piece of fruit. It is just the way he goes about things that interests me.

And guess who had to slice the apples and wash all the dehydrator parts.


  1. Yeah, he's interesting. Lots of people love him, as do I. But I always have to remind them that I am the one who has to live with him. :)