Wednesday, March 10

Odds and Ends

A few things happening here that are very mundane but, well, it's all I've got.

Roy decided to make tea. He poured boiling hot water into one of my 1000 Islands mugs and CRACK. Hot tea all over the counter and the floor. I managed to save the mug to use for holding some of my colored pencils but no longer will it hold hot cocoa or tea or any other liquid.

The matching mug is very lonely.

I had a nice surprise when I went outside to do a little yard clean up today. Spring is finally coming and I cannot wait to leave this winter weather behind. I am so tired of the heavy snow weighting down the branches on the hedges that simply refuses to melt. The yard is half snow and half muddy brown, dead mess. It is almost sad to look at. So, that’s why I was so happy to see these little light green and white shoots coming up.

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