Wednesday, March 3

A Night Out

It is hard to get out sometimes, and mostly I am very happy to spend my evenings at home, but tonight my sister-in-law and I went to see Riverdance at the Rochester Auditorium Theatre.

It was great - not only did we see a wonderful show, I actually got to go out, put on lipstick and mascara and wear boots with a heel.

The entire show was absolutely fantastic - the dancers and the singers and the musicians were all top notch - and they had the best bodhrán player I have ever seen.

Now I am home, no makeup or boots, and I am enjoying a warm blanket, two sleeping cats and a pellet stove cranking out the heat. It is making this little squeeking noise which kind of sounds like the baby crying and I have to remind myself that he is sound asleep, given that it is 11:46 pm. I should probably be in bed too but this is another thing that I hardly ever get - time to myself. Quiet time when I can do what I want - watch all my DVR-ed tv shows, read gardening blogs, or write in one. I still have a pile of magazines and books waiting for me, but that can be for tomorrow night.

Time to call it a day.

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