Sunday, March 28

Geo Thermal Installation Day

The outdoor geo thermal equipment was installed the other day at my parent’s house. It was a full day of dirt and construction and muck boots.

The work was done by ACES (Alternative Carbon Energy Systems), a company out of Depew, NY. They arrived early and began digging the trench (about 6 feet deep) for the loop coil system. The coils were rolled out in the trench and covered half way. A blue marking tape was placed and then buried to alert future excavations and then the rest of the trench was filled in and the ground was leveled out.

There are two valves going into the house which will connect to the tank.

I am not going to pretend to understand exactly how this all works. That’s Roy's job.

I can say that it was a fun day. All that rich, dark, lovely dirt piled up in the back yard smelled wonderful. I was dying to get my hands in it and plant something. We all got to wear our much boots out and about and even the little guy got his boots dirty for the first time. He is not walking yet but he stands pretty well and he got the ceremonial mud caked in the treds. I was so proud.

We amounted to not much more than bystanders and supervisors and photographers for most of the day.

I would post more picture’s but for some reason Blogger is being a jerk about uploading right now.
Here is a LINK to more photos.

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