Saturday, March 13


I am one of those people who think it is bad luck to count on something.

Here is what I mean. We live on just under 2 acres with a house, barn and chicken shed. Our neighbor was going to sell us another 2 acres directly behind us with another barn and a workshop. This all hinged on other factors that were beyond our control but we still hoped that it would all work out and that we could still buy the 2 acres.

When I reluctantly mentioned this to my friends, who also love to garden, they were so excited with landscaping plans and ideas for what we could do with the barn. I told them that I did not want to think about it simply because I thought it would be putting a hex on the entire operation.

But I allowed myself to daydream about a second clothes line and a row of butterfly bushes and a small field for possible wheat growing.

And now it looks like things might not go through. No fault of ours or the owners, but I still feel like it is my fault for getting my hopes up.

Just talking about it now makes me feel like I should be hiding while typing this.

So my hopes of expansion and putting just a little more space between us and any possible neighbor/development/anything.... might have fallen through. Still waiting to hear the final word and I am keeping my fingers crossed but for now, I am raining in my plans and concentrating on what we have.

I read a blog called Cold Antler Farm. Today she posted something that really struck a cord with me - "I am so wrapped up in the possibilities I forget the probabilities." What a perfect summation of our expansion situation.

More on our spring plans soon......

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