Tuesday, March 30


The issue of entertainment has been on my mind a lot lately. Movies, television, internet, books, yard activities and baby.

We have definitely been seeing less movies since Connor was born so that is all I can say about that.

The television has been off a lot more lately too. I hardly ever have it on during the day unless he is napping but honestly, there really isn't anything on during the day that I have a pressing need to watch. I used to turn on Little House on the Prairie in the afternoons and lounge on the living room floor with Connor until he fell asleep but they have taken that off the air for the time being. So, a lot less tv here too.

Internet - that is my weakness. I use it constantly. If I did not have internet, I think I would go insane. I do not know how people survived without it, even though it was not even around until I was in college. I get a lot of gardening, homesteading, and animal information as well as info on just about anything else that comes up. What is a broiler pan and how do I use it? My rubber plant is losing leaves, what’s the matter with it? What is a feline urinary tract infection and what are the symptoms? How do I make bread from scratch? What is the right age to start brushing baby teeth? The list is endless. It is my go-to for anything and everything. But i do have to admit, I farm. On Farmville. On Facebook. Facebook is a time-suck. But I love it. I fully admit that I know it is bad. I think about all the time I waste "harvesting" and sending "free gifts" and i know there are more productive things I could be doing with my time. But I can't help myself. I love it. Please don't judge me.

Books - my other weakness. I will never be an e-book person. I love the feel, the smell, the overall wonderful-ness that holding a new book or an old book, in my hands is like. I love the idea of having a personal library. Reference books, novels, fun stuff and just about everything else. Right now I am reading The Daily Coyote by Shreve Stockton. So far, it is wonderful, just as I thought it would be. How could I not want to read about Wyoming living with a coyote!

Yard activities have also provided a lot of entertainment around here lately. Mostly in the planning and list-making stages thanks to the crummy wet weather lately. But this coming week promises to be nice so I am hoping to provide myself with hours of "entertainment" in the form of taking out the beat up shade garden fence, raking all the winter yard junk and tilling the vegetable garden. There are some other yard activities that more entertaining such as watching the birds at the feeder, hunting for new flowers emerging in the gardens and watching the grass go from dull green and brown to a little bit brighter of a spring green. Yes, that passes for entertainment here but I wouldn’t have it any other way. it's goanna get busy here really soon folks!

Finally, we have Connor. He is the most entertaining. He figured out how to walk last week and things have been crazy-interesting ever since. I have been watching him discover how to balance on his feet, his numerous ways of hauling himself up onto those feet, and his discovery of his knees and that they actually bend and aid the walking process.

He gets so excited that he cannot keep his balance and both feet go flying out from under him and he lands on his butt. That’s pretty much his day - up and down, up and down. He gets pretty tired out which leads to good naps.

Not only does he provide me with loads of entertainment, he also entertains himself very easily. So far today he has managed to fill up an entire morning with the following: staring at a smiley face helium balloon, pulling all the wet clothes of the lower levels of the drying rack, hugging the cat (gently), and removing half the baby wipes from the box and rubbing them all over his head (?). Add this to all his walking, eating and attempts at running and he should be collapsing into a nap very shortly.

It is a wonder I even have a television at all.

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