Thursday, March 4

A Day of Accomplishment

Once in a while I have a day where everything seems to chick into place and I get a ton of things done and it just feels great.

Those days have been very few and far between since the baby came but I had one today and it was very productive. The little guy took an extra long morning nap and was a perfect angel the rest of the day, so no complaints there.

Laundry = done
Dishes = done
Errands = done
Massive Amounts of Recycling Hauled to the Curb = done
MISC little things around the house = done
4 flats of seeds started = done
Shower = done (trust me, this is an accomplishment when you have a 1 year old)

The seed starting was my favorite, followed closely by recycling and shower.

I stared a flat of squash and gourds because I love to be able to save money in the fall by growing my own decor. I am also trying birdhouse gourds this year and I will hopefully be able to dry them properly and actually make birdhouses out of them. More on this in another post. The seeds were interesting - I have never planted birdhouse gourd seeds before so I really didn't know what they looked like. Kind of like little light brown rectangles.

My tomatoes are almost ready for thinning - maybe this weekend I will get up the nerve to become a murderer. I hate thinning. It makes me feel horrible. I nurtured these seeds and they trusted me and grew into plants and now I am playing God and taking some of them out for nothing more than the crime of growing too close to another.

This is also the mentality that leads my husband to forbid me entry into any animal shelter and pet stores, and chaperoned only trips to County Max when the baby chicks arrive.

I know, I know, it's still a little early for seed starting. but if there is anything that can kick me out of the winter blues, its seed starter mix and peat trays.

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  1. I'm growing lettuce on my windowsill because I just need to GROW something right now! I started seeds last year but I didn't do such a great job so it ended up being a lot of effort for a little result and I still ended up buying a lot of plants. A lot of people have great success at it I know!

    This year the only seeds that I am going to mess with will be ones that I can sow directly into the ground like peas, beans, lettuce, kale, etc....