Friday, March 12

Another Morning Surprise

WARNING: This post contains words of a, well, I talk about cats pooping and peeing.

Yesterday, I was surprised to find an opossum in my garbage can.

If only I was so "lucky" this morning.

Last night the cat(s) went on a litter box strike.

I say cat(s) because i do not know which cat, or cats, took part in this little party.

It started last night with what I thought was an isolated incident. I was sitting in the living room and I noticed Buffin frantically trying to cover something up in the room with the pellet stove. I went over to investigate and someone had pooped on the area rug. First, I had just used the carpet cleaner not two hours previous on all the rugs. So I was kind of annoyed by that. And secondly, it smelled. Big time. Big poop, and not completely solid if you catch my drift.

Result - area rug on front porch.

Buffin, who I assumed to be the culprit, looked up at me with this expression of complete innocence on his face. I could not decide if he had done it, felt bad, and tried to cover it up, or if he was covering, literally, for someone else. Hence the innocent look. I have never known him to have "accidents" so I chalked it up to just that - an accident, whether it be by him or one of the others.

Turns out, this was not an isolated accident.

And, I have my suspect in my sights.

Prince has been acting up big time lately. He is old and crabby and likes to have his own way. His lap time has been significantly cut since the baby came and he is resentful. All the cat treats in the world do not make up for an hour or two of uninterrupted lounging on my lap.

This morning, I came downstairs and noticed a nice little river of dog pee running through the kitchen. this is not a surprise. Snowy is old and she has the occasional accident. I accept this and forgive her and clean it up. It is linoleum so it is easy and it happens infrequently.

But what was that smell coming from the dining room?

Poop. On another area rug. That I had just cleaned the day before.

Result: area rug on the front porch.

Now that my porch is looking like the flooring section at Home Depot, I was worried that someone might be having a medical problem. I checked each cat - you do not want to know the details on this - and everything was ok.

I sat down in a kitchen chair to eat breakfast.

Why is the seat of my pants wet?

That’s it. Last straw. Someone had peed all over the pile of magazines I had yet to read that were on the KITCHEN TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very luckily, there was a quite absorbent placemat underneath and I was able to clean the table thoroughly. The magazines were a total loss.

Now that none of you will ever want to come over to my house for dinner....

The most likely culprit is Mr. Prince. This has happened before but strangely, it was Buffin and the box of tax information. But I really think this time it is Prince. Besides from being pissed off at me, I am trying to figure out why he would do this. The litter boxes are always kept clean and scooped so he has a very nice place to go, by cat standards.

Reasons Why:
1. Pissed Off Cat
2. Some Water in the Basement so he might get his feet a little wet while heading to the box (I hate to think I have a prissy cat, especially since he is a boy)
3. ???????

I really can't think of another reason.

Any suggestions?

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  1. #1 definitely #1... You might have to put another litter pan somewhere else. Start by putting one where he has had the most "accidents" and gradually move it to where you want it to be. Good luck! :)