Wednesday, February 24

You Don't See That Every Day

I was taking Snowy out this morning and I noticed that Roy left the air compressor and the hose on the front porch. He was using it to clean out the exhaust of the pellet stove the other day, which is still working by the way.

The hose was made in the USA. I had to take a picture.

I had just had a conversation with a neighbor who also has a young baby. She said that her husband had wanted to try and buy USA made products as much as possible. She then added that it turned out to be just about impossible. I agreed.

It is pretty much impossible, which is kind of sad. If we were to shut down trade with just China alone, I think that there would be a total meltdown of society. It is just taken for granted that a lot of the stuff you buy is made in China.

So much so that when I see something that says Made in the USA, I actually stop and take notice. Am I the only person that feels there is something wrong with that?

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  1. yeah, if there is another world war we are really screwed. All the factories are in other countries. By the way I think most of the hoses for air compressors are made here but I probably am wrong about that. You even have to watch when you buy an American flag believe it or not.