Monday, February 22

Utterly lap-less

I have a friend that I went to college with for a couple of years who now lives In Colorado and just had her first baby.
I follow along with her blog to enjoy her stories and photos of her garden, her pets and her new addition. She has a beautiful long-haired , gray cat named Buster. This is a recent post from her blog:

"I feel like Buster’s been getting the shaft lately. Sydney gets all the lap time and snuggle time that used to belong to Buster. Anything that’s leftover usually goes to Annie, at least in the forms of walks and a few belly rubs. But Buster… poor Buster… he stands by the door or camps out in the middle of the floor and just looks up at us. I don’t think there’s hope in his eyes. He’s more like Eeyore — no expectations and when we pass him by, he’s resigned to it. So, here’s my call out to Buster and a note to self:

Offer Buster some snuggle time. Get his hopes up again. Honor his spirit. Revel in the fuzz-master. Make sure he gets what he needs to."
Johnson's Blog

One of my cats, Mr. Prince, the oldest and wisest of the animals here on the farm, felt compelled to post a reply which went something like this:

"Oh, Buster, I feel your pain. I too am living in anguish over the lack of petting and snuggling I used to enjoy, pre baby.
I try and try, with my brother and sister backing me up with the sad eyes and lonely looks, but there is no lap to be had. My days of lounging on Mom’s lap for an entire afternoon of couch potato activities has become a distant memory – replaced by a quick 2 to 3 minute lap sit and pet, until a shrill cry pierces the air and I am lifted up and set on the couch. Utterly lap-less.
And shall I even venture into the sad stories of my poor fur. My beautiful long orange fur – a target for a baby who, in his efforts to pet me, pulls and grabs and forces me from my spot on the footstool.
Since Mom is still watching out for me, I am not abused by this new addition to the household but I have to ask, why oh why did they adopt this noisy, hairless, obnoxious cat?!?!?! He doesn’t even know how to use the litter box!!!
All I can offer are my condolences and the knowledge that you are not alone, my friend. Just remember, you have a roof over your head and food in your bowl, and this too shall pass.
Mr. Prince"

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