Thursday, February 11

Rush at the Feeder

I sprang for a two suet cakes the other day at the hardware store, and keeping with my resolution, I asked myself, do I need this. I decided that yes, the birds could use this. It is cold and I chose the High Energy Suet. And, I do get a ton of entertainment out of the chaos that ensues when the suet hits the fan.

This morning I braved the chilly air and filled the feeders and put out the suet. They couldn’t even wait until hung the feeders back up. I had chickadees hoping around on the low hanging braches of the lilac bush, chomping at the bit.

At last count from the kitchen window, about 1/2 hour later, I have observed the following: at least 10 chickadees, 5 dark-eyed juncos, two pairs of cardinals, three huge blue jays, 2 mourning doves and one red-bellied woodpecker. All carrying on like little kids at a piƱata party. It was like the call went out - "fresh seed and suet at the feeder!" - a network of birdie text messaging.

First, blue jays are not the most friendly of birds. They seem to be mean, aggressive and kind of scary. Even though they are pretty, I think of them as very intimidating. Cardinals are very skittish, mourning doves are the designated feeder-tippers (go land on that feeder with your bulk and knock a bunch out for us on the ground!), and chickadees are the most friendly.


  1. We've had that type of woodpecker here at our feeder as well. I had never seen one so I needed to look up what it was!

  2. I love it when this guy comes around - I have only seen one at a time so I am assuming that it is the same guy. I can only get slightly "dull" pictures of him because they are through the kitchen window. If I try to go outside and get a clear shot, he takes off.