Thursday, February 25

Resolution Report

My husband had a business trip last week which required him to spend two days in NYC. He returned home with a gift for me - a box of Godiva Chocolate. He handed it to me and said "That is the most I have ever spent on a box of chocolate."

So, needless to say, I was excited. I waited until I had time to myself and I could relax and then I ripped into that box. I was so impressed with the beauty of the chocolates that I paused to take a picture. So shiny, so rich looking so perfectly pretty and smooth. I wondered which one contained caramel - my favorite. I hoped beyond hope that they all might contain caramel.

But, as hopes seem to go around here lately, they were kind of dashed. Sent into an unappetizing void of almonds, cappuccino and praline. Yuck. I did not hide my disappointment and I should have considering that "this is the most expensive box of chocolate ever." Well, hind sight is 20/20 and, apparently, so is choosing the milk chocolate arrangement instead of the truffle assortment.

In an effort to ease my husband’s irritation with my disapproval, I vowed to try one. And, this would also count towards one of my New Year’s Resolutions to try new foods. Granted, a milk chocolate hazelnut praline with hazelnut pieces and ground nougatine does not fit into any fruit or vegetable category I am aware of, I thought I would make an exception.

I chose a delightful looking piece which, according to the "guide" was a sweet chocolate cream with cappuccino. Millions of people like cappuccino. There must be something yummy about it.

No. There was not.

Nothing yummy at all.

But I tried it and that’s what counts.

I fulfilled a resolution requirement, I made my husband happy and I learned that I definitely do not like sweet chocolate cream with cappuccino chocolate.

And I managed to chip bits of otherwise very delicious chocolate off the outsides of other pieces.

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