Monday, February 8

Resolution #3

Resolution: Less. More. Quality.

Description: Less - less of things that are not necessarily good for us. Television is top on that list. There are a lot of good show s out there that I enjoy but I can definitely stand to cull the herd a little. Especially when the little guy is around. I don't want him to be watching any if I can help it. Roy has been stressing this since he was born but I didn't really think too much about it until I started looking into it and finding studies that say a lot of scientific things that boil down to "it's not good for them." And, I want him to like being outside in the garden more than inside watching tv. Also included in this category: Less processed food, less stressing over things I can not change, less caring about what other people think about me, and less being snippy with my husband after I have had a bad day.

More - more attention to the things that matter. The baby, the husband, the pets. One or more have been neglected due to, well, one or more of the three. I will make more time for the cats since they have been lacking for attention since the baby came. The laps just don't stay put long enough for Prince lately and he is showing his disapproval. And as soon as the weather turns nice, Snowy and I are going to resume our daily walks.

Quality - more quality, less quantity. This kind of fits into Resolution #1 and not buying so much stuff that I don't really need. I will spend more on a quality item that I know will last. I will spend a little more on organic produce and meats and be a little more careful in general as to looking for quality in everything.

3 Resolutions in all - a lot to live up to. I hope I can keep them or at least give it a good effort.

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