Friday, February 5

Resolution #2

Resolution: I will try a minimum of 5 new foods this summer, mainly fruits and vegetables.

Explanation: Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to food, I am the world most picky eater. It is easier for me to list the things I will eat than the things I don't. I do not know where I picked up this distaste for many things bit so far it has not been a totally bad thing. However, I see people enjoying all these fruits and veggies - pears, melon, strawberries, zucchini - and i think i might be missing out.

But why is it so hard for me to pick up a strawberry and try it? What if I don't like it?

I think that I can pinpoint a time in my childhood when this food pickiness developed. My Grandmother on my father’s side lived right down the road from us when we were growing up. Every Saturday morning was cookie morning and the relatives that lived close knew to show up at Grandma and Grandpa's house anywhere between 6am and 11am on any Saturday. Grandma baked so many different kinds of cookies and breads and we all had our favorites. Mine were the sour cream chocolate chip with white sugar sprinkles on top. Followed closely by peanut butter chocolate chip.

But with all those wonderful chocolate chip filled cookies, there came other things from that oven. Brownies.

I know, some of you are saying "How could brownies be bad?" and you are right, brownies are wonderful. But when Grandma made them, she put 'extra' ingredients in them. Mostly zucchini or applesauce. We quickly learned to inspect the treat before eating. Us kids hated anything but the pure sugar and chocolate, as most kids probably do. Another of her tricks was to put raisins in the chocolate chip cookies and try to get us to believe they were chocolate chips.

Not so much that we did not like these things (ok, we probably really didn't love zucchini at age 7) but it was the tricking and the uncertainty of what you were eating that was the catching point.

When grandma gave you a cracker with what looked like blackberry jelly on it, you would look at it suspiciously and ask her "what is on the cracker Grandma?". She would say "just try it" and you knew something was up. And she didn’t say "just try it" like a kind, motherly old lady. It was more like a drill sergeant. She meant well but I think that is where I get my hesitant nature around all things eatable.

So when I see something that my husband enjoys, like plums or blue berries or red kidney beans, and I think that they look good and that is he is enjoying them they must be not too horrible, I also have this little voice in my head. It is saying "just try it" and I immediately say "no thanks."

So this resolution is going to be a hard one for me, which probably sounds strange to most people. But I will try at least 5 new fruits and veggies this summer when whatever they are come into season. I don't know what they will be yet but the farmers market has some great selections of all sorts of things I have never dared to try.


  1. Actually zucchini doesnt taste like anything at least I think so. It picks up the flavor of what it is put with though. Make sure all the fruits you try are ripe that way they will be really sweet and not sour. I think you will really like them.

  2. Maybe you could start by trying them on something. I like blueberries and strawberries on yogurt. Or mix them in a smoothie with something you do like. Ease into it! ;-)