Thursday, February 25

My Dull Evening = Dull Blog Post

Tonight is a crochet night. It is cold, snowy and I have just applied henna to my feet, so sitting still is necessary and going outside for anything is unthinkable.

I have to say, it doesn't look as bad as the weather man said but I am still staying in tonight. We are supposed to receive the brunt of it tonight around midnight but each station says something different and I am not getting my hopes up. Don't get me wrong, I hate winter with a passion but when those really heavy storms come through, I just can't help but get all caught up in it.

My evening is shaping up like this:

The baby is in bed, the house is relatively in order, Snowy is lounging outside (I know, it is cold but she absolutely loves in and cries when I try to bring her in), I have a half finished afghan to work on, the pellet stove is roaring and I think I might actually make cocoa.

I feel like I need to finish things. I always have about 12 projects/books going at any given time. Currently, I am reading 3 books, I have 2 knitting projects going, 2 crochet projects, a sewing project and I have World War II magazine that I still have not read yet.

So tonight I will try to finish one afghan project.

Some might say my evenings are boring but I can really not think of a better way to spend one.


  1. Please explain why you have henna on your feet. Doesnt henna stain?

  2. Yes, it does. I bought a henna kit while i was pregnant since I had time on my hands and was advised not to use it until the baby was born. So it was put on a shelf and I just now have had a few minutes to pull it out and give it a try.

    I painted some designs on my feet because I could easily put big socks on after it dried and go to bed, since you are supposed to leave this particular one on for 8 hours and it was about 9pm before I got the time to sit down and apply it.

    i am ok with the way it turned out - I need to work on making my lines a little neater but i think I might try it again sometime.