Tuesday, February 16

Just Another Day....

Today is just another day here - snow and cold and wind, and unfortunately, I have to venture out to take two of the cats to the vet for their checkups.

This is always a dilemma for me in that it is a battle of wills to get even one cat to the vet. Heck, it's WWIII just to get them into the carrier. So my dilemma begins the day prior with deciding just how I will approach things. Should I go for the sneak attack and pretend nothing is going on and then, in a minute, trap the unsuspecting cat in the bathroom, bring the carrier in, and, wham, bam, thank you kitty, they are in and we are off? Or do I go for the more serene, motherly approach - bringing up the carriers and letting them sit in the kitchen. In full view of all those involved, and spend the better part of an hour coaxing them out from the closet or from under the bed?

Either way, this is going to result in scratching, swearing, crying and hurt feelings. And that's just my half.

I have opted for the motherly approach. I am not in a wham, bam mood today.

I am tired today. Up late getting things done and up early from Mr. Prince, climbing on my head. He was purring his little heart out this morning, obviously knowing that he was the only cat in the house not going to the vet today. And, of course, who can forget the wonderful noise of Connor's toys in the morning. My favorite today was the plastic tractor that plays a variety of kids tunes when you press down on the smoke stack. Only the batteries are dying and the music sounds like something from a scary carnival. Good times.

So I am sitting here at the little table by the window in the dining room, with Connor trying to press keys (he has already deleted this post twice), and I am looking at my big pile of books on the floor waiting for their shelf. I have too many books. And I keep acquiring more. I can't help myself. I will never be an e-book person. I love the feeling of an actual book. And, I am running out of shelf space. I ran out quite a while ago actually and I have been looking in thrift shops for a bookcase to no avail. Craigs list is an option, but let’s face it folks, that’s a scary place sometimes.

So I broke down and, while in Walmart to get some dog food, I saw one on sale. It's an ok shelf and it worked for me so I bought it. And I put it together with the help of an 11 month old. And I set it up against the wall, attached the won't-fall-on-your-kid strap, and arranged all my books and I was happy.

Then the smell came. Off-gassing, as my engineer husband calls it. I just call it - that stinks!! So the books are on the floor in piles and the bookcase is airing out on the front porch and I am back where I started until the thing is done off-gassing. I should have known better.

That’s my day so far. Only highlights being - I got to mist the tomato trays, the laundry is almost done and I got to paint my nails last night.

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