Saturday, February 20

It Works! (for now)

My love/hate relationship with the pellet stove has turned to more "warm" feelings today as it is finally fixed (as far as I can tell). As I type, it is happily roaring away, the clink of pellets dripping into the burner.

According to the repair man (my husband), it was a clogged. Apparently, it runs on a fan system, funneling air through the thing, and where the exhaust fan connects to the exhaust pipe there was a buildup of creosote gunk. The buildup was in a catch point in the pipe and this caused not enough air to come into the fire box, which lead to the fire dying out. We had a heavy smoke buildup on the front window and we were constantly having to adjust the pellet feed rate.

After a full cleaning and a careful examination of the guts and inner workings, the fan was remove, the pipe exposed, the buildup found and cleaned out and that was all there was to it. We have a nice fire going now for the first time in a week and let me just say that it is still winter in Upstate NY and it's pretty chilly out there. We have our furnace for backup heat but oil prices are sky high and it heats unevenly - the downstairs is chilly and the upstairs is much too toasty for comfort.

How nice it was to turn the pellet stove back on and turn the furnace thermostat down.

If there is one thing that is a must for homesteading, it is a fireplace. Being without mine blazing away made me feel incomplete. I felt like I was missing something when it was sitting cold and quiet. Almost like a member of the household was on sick leave.

Tomorrow I will get some bread rising on the warm top, I will take a few extra minutes to stand by the front fan and take in the heat, and I will do a load of laundry just to hang it on the drying rack and get that wonderful feeling of energy conservation.

That is, if it is still running in the morning.

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