Saturday, February 6

He Honestly Thought I Wouldn't Notice

I have a very handy pair of small scissors in the livingroom so during marathon chrocet projects, I don't have to move from the couch.

Tonight I was working on a new afghan for a gift and I needed to switch from sky blue to cream white. I asked Roy, my loving husband, to hand me the scissors which I keep in the remote boat. He handed them to me and I noticed immediately that there was something wrong with them.

Can you, from looking at the picture above, tell me what was wrong with them?

I asked him "What happened to my scissors?"

He said "I broke them. They are cheap crap."

I am not making any judgements about the cheapness of my scissors. They have always worked well for me.

So he has used them on something, I didn't ask what, and now they are broken and I have to hunt around for a small pair of scissors to stash in the remote boat. Given my new years resolution to be careful about what I buy, I am not going to run out and buy a new pair. And I am a creature of habit. I NEED to have my scissors.

Let the hunt begin.

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