Tuesday, February 16

Geo-Thermal: Step 1

My parents have heated with wood since they built their home in 1974. My Mom's parents still heat with wood. My husbands parents do too. So, it was kind of interesting that my Dad decided to go the geo-thermal route. First, because he actually LIKES cutting wood and using it for fuel, and because they are not really "into" this all new "green" stuff. But they enlisted my husbands help in finding a dealer and handling the details of the installation. And he was only too happy to help.

The meansurements were taken and the contracts signed and the checks sent and the first load of black tubing was dropped off last week. The digging will not begin until we get a week of non-freezing weather so the ground can have a little thaw.

I am supposing their thinking is along the lines of not wanting to have to rely on heating with wood when they are older, and the fact that their house is one story with plently of room on the basement ceilings for all the "stuff" that is going to go there.

It should be intersting to see how it is installed and how it works. And how well it works, I hope.

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