Sunday, February 21

Clothes Line Fever

I found myself having a severe bought of clothes line fever today.

i have my pellet stove back and laundry is drying by it now but, as much as I love drying clothes on the rack this way, I love my clothes line just a little bit more.

Shhhh - don't tell the pellet stove because it might decide not to work again.

I want to wait and listen for the washer to finish its final spin and click to a sudden stop. I want to heave the heavy, wet clothes out into the basket and feel the warm, almost too hot, air as I go out the back door. I want to listen to my flip flops click against my heels as I walk over to the line through the warm grass and i want to squint up at the line while the bright sun shines down and I pin the clothes to the line and await the dry, crisp towels.

OK, even I am having a little remorse about writing that. A little too much - people might start to talk about that crazy girl down the street with her unmentionables drying in the breeze.

But that is how much I missed that summer ritual today. It was sunny out today which hinted at a warm-up, but it was still pretty cold and windy out there. And there is still snow on the ground no matter how much I try to pretend it isn't there.

That is why I sit here now, surfing around online looking at pictures of clothes lines and different style poles and lines. Some people look for, well, any number of things. I look for pretty pictures of laundry drying in the breeze.

Just to cure the clothes line fever.

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