Monday, February 15

And So It Begins....

I did it. I have kicked things off. Months of cabin fever have built up this kind of craving for something green - grass, leaves, spouts - anything! And I finally got my fix. I started my tomatoes today.

A little early, I know, but after last season’s vegetable fiasco, I made a note in my gardening hints notebook to start everything earlier this season. So, I decided that this season I will be transplanting nice, sturdy, healthy, as large as you get at the garden center when yours don't grow well at home, plants. I will lovingly nurture them under grow lights and sprays from the water bottle will mist them daily. I will watch them and keep the cats away from them and when the time comes to thin them, I will do so feeling like a murderer, even though I know it is necessary.

Not only did I start tomatoes (Sweetie cherry, moneymaker, red brandywine, yellow brandywine), but I also started peppers (regular old green bell), snapdragons and, my personal favorite, bells of ireland. I have found that for some reason, these four always take forever to germinate and grow into nice little plants. So this year I am starting early and giving all I've got.

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