Thursday, January 7

Sweet dreams

A long day today. The snow is melting a little but there is still so much that poor Snowy has to wade through belly deep to get to her favorite "business" spot. She loves the cold and the snowy but with her sister gone, she has no one to run around in it with. And with the aches and pains that come with being an older dog, she seems content to enjoy the cold by lounging in the shed on her couch.

I finished a late Christmas present today - an off white, alpaca yarn scarf I made - and sent it off to the woman it was made for. Now I am working on an afghan. I like having something to work on at night after dinner and before bed.

The baby has not been sleeping well lately, which means i have not been sleeping well lately. He has gas and cramps and I have dark circles from nights of interuppted sleep and consoling.

But it is not all that bad. We are warm in the house with the pellet stove roaring and the clothes are drying on the racks from the heat. The cats are fed, Snowy is basking in the chilly weather on her shed couch and I am going to spend the rest of the night thumbing through the Baker Creek Seed Catalog in my jammies, dreaming about heirloom tomatoes and hoping they grow well this year.

So here's to sweet dreams and, hopfully, a non-gassy baby and enough pellets in the stove to last through the night.

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