Monday, January 4

A Strange Evening

It is currently 11:56 pm on Sunday and I will now relate the evens of the evening.

We have, at last measure, 15” of fluffy white snow sparkling away on the landscape of Webster, NY. And it is still coming down, looking very innocent and non-menicing. But I know that tomorrows commute for Roy will be a nightmare.
I have just come inside from forcing Snowy out of the shed. She had started this game where she begs to go outside in her pen at around 8pm and trys to spend the night in the chicken shed on her old blue couch. Of course, she can not do this when the temperature is 6 degrees and I have to trek through the snow and wind and cold, pry open the heavy sliding door and literally lift her up off the couch to get her going. This is not as easy as it sounds – she is about 80lbs and very wiggly.
Then the chase is on – around the yard and through the drifts and by the time you can corral her up by the back door, you are really annoyed and she is very pleased with herself.
The baby is also proving quite unruly tonight. He absolutely refuses to go to sleep for longer than 10 minute intervals and wakes himself up passing gas loud enough to be a mortal round. Roy went to be early tonight, earplugs in, to get ready for an early start tomorrow so in order to keep the upstairs quite, Connor and I are camping out tonight downstairs. This has not eased his gas problems any but at least Dad can get some sleep.
So here I sit, in the laundry room so as not to disturb his royal gassy highness who is lounging on afghans in the livingroom. I am running on laptop battery power, using the cats scratching hutch for a table and sitting on what I really, really hope is a pile of clean laundry. I have three very interested cats wondering is this means they will get extra treats since the laundry room doubles as the cats dining room. And I have a strong urge to raid the kitchen – there are Double Stuffed Oreo’s in there.
I feel like I am back in 2004 recovering from a broken back – up at all hours from pain medication and watching Crossing Jordan re-runs on late, late, late night tv. I know my sudden burst of energy has nothing to do with medication or young-person stamina and I know I should go to bed right now but I do not want to risk picking up Connor to move him to his crib.
So the dilemma is do I try to move him and risk staying up until 2 getting him back to sleep or do I resign myself to spreading more afghans and trying to get a few hours of broken sleep on the livingroom floor. With my luck, I will fall into a deep sleep and Connor will wake up and crawl his way into the cat litter without me knowing about it.
But I have had time to plan my day for tomorrow, oopps, I mean today, since it is now 12:09am, Monday. I want to try this new bread recipe that I got out of Mother Earth News, make some cranberry muffins, finish up some sewing projects and make another run through the Baker Creek Seed Catalog before I place my order. Very productive and ambitious – if I can get some sleep.

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