Friday, January 29

Resolutions: The Beginning

I wanted to make a better resolution than "lose weight" this year. I make that one every year and it never happens. I am still holding on to that 30 lbs of post-baby weight and he will be 1 on February. That just says it all right there.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I found a wonderful idea for then resolutions thing. It was from Cold Antler Farm - here's the link - and I have been trying to follow this example.

However, I have found that I need more of a kick in the can. So, I have developed a specific set of resolutions which I will post with an explanation of each. I have to admit, this is more for me than to making for interesting reading - kind of a check and ballance system.

PS - the first one, although not actually on the list is try to be a better speller. My spelling is horrible. I type too fast and for some reason I think that the computer should know what i want to say and just come out with it. Lesson: Slow down and get a dictionary.

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