Monday, January 11

Old Dog, Stubborn Tricks

Snowy, as you know, is my beautiful German Shepard/huskey mix. She is a great dog and I love her. However, she is going to be 11 years old this year and she is starting to act a little screwy.

She has always been "her own dog". Even when her sister was still alive, she was the follower but she always give the impression that she was a follower by choice and that she could change her mind at any time. She is very smart and great with the baby. But now it seems that she has made up her mind to be a very bad dog.

She refuses to listen. She will not come when she is called. She goes to the bathroom on the kitchen floor. She is stubborn, obstinate, tricky and she is acting like an all-arond smart ass.

She is still affectionate, and yes, she can hear just fine. She can hear me open a can of cat food from the other side of the house. i just don't get what has gotten into her lately.

She wants to be outside all the time, even in freezing temperatures. I know she loves the cold but it is TOO cold. She will get very upset with us if we don;t let her out at 10pm for her nightly "sit in the shed" time and will start whining and grunting at us until we finally let her out. Then of course, we have to practically carry her back in the house and she acts like we are punishing her.

I know she is an old dog and I baby her so much it is borderline obsessive. She gets more treats than any of the cats, she gets all the table scraps she wants, she gets right of first refusal on anything going into the compost. Am I spoiling her? Is this leading to the bad behavior? Am I making too much of it and dogs will be dogs?

Any advice would be welcome.

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