Thursday, January 21

I Couldn't Help Myself...

Last night I surrendered to temptation and got the seed trays out. I put the plastic down on the plywood and sawhorse table and put everything out and filled all those little peat pot lined trays with organic seed starter and I loved every minute of it. I felt like I was getting away with something.

My official seed starting room is in the basement as also shares the name “craft paint storage and painting things that are too smelly to be painted upstairs” room. It also houses our furnace which means it is also the warmest little space in the house. And it has a door that actually closes and which needs to remain closed as soon as seed trays get filled. Cheese likes to dig around and send dirt mix flying and last year, she ate the tops off all the little pepper sprouts.

A reminder – I did not plant the seeds yet. But I am just too worked up about sprouts and germination and milk jug cloches to wait any longer for just a little gardening fix. Filling the trays and getting things set up was enough to level the buzz, for now. I also planted a little pot with catnip seeds which is basking in the rare January sunshine coming through the kitchen window. The cats need their nip, you know. It had nothing to do with me actually getting to plant seeds.

I also did a bad thing yesterday. I went to the store and bought cactus potting mix for my Christmas cactus which is a whole other post. Maybe after lunch.

While I am going on about doing bad things, I spent an unhealthy amount of money on seeds today. Baker Creek, my absolute favorite seed place, has wooed me again with their colorful catalog. Pictures of perfect vegetables and beautiful flowers and names like Green Zebra Tomato, Dragon Tongue Bush Bean and Bells of Ireland, it is hard to not run up a total of $50 or more by the time you reach the order form at the end of the catalog. For a family of three, that’s a lot of seeds. And keep in mind that Roy is the only one who eats tomatoes, the squash and gourds are for decoration and projects, and Connor only has 6 teeth so far. But again, I couldn’t help myself.

It is my weakness. Seeds and pots and potting soil and planning the garden and dreaming about how the tomatoes smell when they are ripe. You can smell them all the way from the house on those hot August days, and I don’t even like eating them. Just growing, planting, caring for and harvesting them. After all, the next best thing to eating something you grew yourself is heading out to the garden with a basket or an enamelware pot to collect veggies for dinner.


  1. I grew tomatoes last year because someone gave me two plants. Clyde (yes, the DOG) loves them. He had great fun stealing ripe tomatoes off the plant. He got out of the yard once and ate one of the neighbors tomatoes. She didn't think it was as funny as I did. Them again, she has chickens in her yard.

  2. Snowy, our dog, is partial to the green ones, before they are even ripe. She also loves eating beans and pesa right off the vine.
    Just be glad that she ate the tomato and not the chicken!