Sunday, January 24

A Good Day

It is a rainy, cold day today - the rain has been coming down since late this morning and it has not let up yet. The basement pump has been going on and off all afternoon and Snowy smells like, well, a wet dog.

Most of the yard is a mess of water, mud and very pathetic looking grass. And as much as i hate snow, I would rather have the whole place covered in a deep white blanket than look out the window and see wet and cold and the dead and sleeping things that are supposed to be undercover until at least the end of March.

Despite the dreary weather, we managed to get a great deal of work done around the house today. Mom and Dad took the baby for the afternoon and Roy and I worked like madmen to knock things off our very long to-do list. Our accomplishments for the day include organizing and cleaning up the potting area in the basement, loads and loads of laundry, and Roy's workbench and tool storage finally resembles something useable and organized. I can actually see the workbench and who knew we had so many hammers.

I have also been sneaking in projects during the little guys nap time and when I should be sleeping. I was able to get a ton of sewing projects off the list, mostly consisting of repairing clothes and chair cushions. Nothing too exciting but I did manage to make myself a nice apron that I will actually wear.

So even though we are both exhausted and the weather is depressing, I will still go ahead and call this a good day.

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